Do I have to speak spanish?

No. All of the people at the hotel and main tourist areas speak English. We have never had an issue with not speaking Spanish although we try to speak the little that we do know just for fun. When in Rome.

Can I drink the water?

The resort has their own filtration system and the refrigerators have an additional filter. All water at the resort and ice is safe. When in town, use common sense though. Almost all well established restaurants have clean water and ice. People who get sick, don't come back and they know this. Be careful with roadside stands. Their food and vegetables are usually washed with water that can make you ill if you have a sensitive stomach. To be totally safe. When away from the resort only drink bottled drinks.

How do I make my reservations with you?

Just email us or call us. We'll send you our agreement and request a 50% deposit to reserve the villa. We accept Visa or checks.
Frequently Asked Questions