Why should I rent from you?

We guarantee that our villa is the closest 2 Bedroom/3 Bath villa to the ocean. Expedia and Orbitz will not tell you which villa you will be in and you will likely be quite a ways back from the ocean.  Also, our rates are considerably lower than any of the on line travel/brokers sites.
Best villa at lower rates. Why wouldn't you rent from us?

Do you have high speed internet access?

Yes. There is a wired connection in the rooms. Please bring your own cable. There is also Wi Fi throughout the resort. All is free to use. If you didn't bring a computer, you can pay to use their Internet cafe which costs $5 for 30 minutes and they provide the computer.

If I book through you do I have the same resort privileges?

Absolutely. There is no difference other than you will be paying less for your stay than the other guests and have the premier villa.

Is this hotel timeshare or condo?

Each Villa is individually owned. This is actually our second home and we visit about once a month. The resort does have villas for sale and the ones they have not sold, they rent out.

What's the weather like?

The weather is tropical and typical temperatures are highs in the 80's and lows in the 70's depending on the time of year. Summer months are often warmer and have more humidity. Click here for the current weather.
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